About Redefine Your Life

The purpose of this website is to encourage others to go after their goals despite their limitations. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a physical or learning disability, you still have the capacity to be just as successful as everyone else. You may have to work harder or do things differently from everyone else, but you can achieve your goals and have the kind of life you want.

I’ll be sharing blog posts that explain how to do that, and in those posts, I’ll share some of my own stories about different goals I accomplished in my life. You’ll also find out about goals I’m currently working on, and be able to share in my successes as I continue to accomplish goals in my own life.

My ultimate goal is to create a community of goal-getters who are empowered to accomplish the goals they set for themselves, and support one another. I eventually would like to establish a Facebook group, but that may come after I’ve started getting more readers and followers.

I’ll also eventually create some resources you can buy, probably on a site like Etsy, and some freebies you can download.

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